All of us might have experienced the racing of our heartbeats, the rush of blood on our face, the butterflies in our stomach, an array of positive emotions and the feeling of being on top of the world when you step in a new relationship. But sometimes it doesn’t last and you start noticing changes in your relationship and most importantly in the person you are in love with. For the longest period of time we purposely ignore these signs by supporting it with reasons that continue our faith in the concept of flawless everlasting love. But later or sooner, one does end up facing the truth and that is “She/He is just not into you”.  So why live in an illusion for a longer time?  Here are few signs that your love interest is losing interest and is planning to call it off-

  1. Number of calls and messages. This just can’t go unnoticed. Times when you are trying to reach that person and all you get is that the number you have dialled is not responding followed by excuses of staying busy consistently is a siren to let you know that it is time to bid goodbye. If you are important to that person, he/she will make sure to communicate. A lot of times, partners are easily available for hours in the beginning of a relationship, this might reduce with time, but it definitely won’t be replaced with excuses and constant absentees.
  2. Expression of love. The times when there is extreme negative reciprocation to the gestures of love and care, it is time to know that the partner is not interested in sharing a bond with you. If one of you is expressing love all the time and the partner shows anger, neglect and irritation towards your gestures, times when the partner tries to find excuses to avoid any kind of affectionate bond, it is time to open your eyes and see that there is nobody on the other end.
  3. Off my zone. When you are in a relationship you end up renting and sharing each other’s private space emotionally and in every other sense. All of us have a need to withdraw and be in our private zone, at intervals. Men need it more. But if you suddenly start to notice that your partner demands his space all the time unlike before, ignores your existence, avoids any sought of discussion to let you in, and feels better in a space which doesn’t include you, it is time to find a more welcoming partner.
  4. The Secret deal. When you suddenly find that your partner is keeping things away from you whether it is keeping passwords for everything so that you can’t access it or not disclosing his/her daily schedule, there is definitely something cooking in his/her mind. Unless it is your birthday or anniversary and he/she is planning a big surprise, or having an affair or working as a secret agent, a partner has no reason to keep things under cover. Or if your partner wants to keep your relationship secretive, he/she is definitely keeping doors open for an early exit.
  5. Stories of failures. When you realize that your partner has been consistently telling you stories about failing affairs and disappointing departures between other couples and when your love interest is only narrating and reporting  break-up stories, someone is definitely suggesting that the end is near.
  6. Exaggerated criticism. When you find yourself being criticized all the time and the list of flaws in you never ends, he/she is giving you a direct signal that they are unhappy in this relationship and are ready with a page of reasons why a break-up is better than making it work. Also, if your partner is persistently comparing you with others, he/she definitely wants ‘others’ and not you.
  7. Exaggerated appreciation. Your partner is suddenly a tape-recorder playing and singing about you all the time, when he/she doesn’t have any real conversation with you except for appreciating you 24×7, and doing exactly what pleases you, he/she is probably gathering courage to plant the break-up bomb .
  8. Picking Fights. When fights are all you do and your partner makes sure to pick one every second you are together, it is definitely a sign that he/she can’t tolerate around is finding a way to get rid of you.
  9. Failed plans. If your partner is making promises and claiming that he will call you or meet you next time, and the next time is always delayed or replaced with an excuse of bad memory. Remember the next time is a break-up time.
  10. Vague Future. When your partner conveys that maybe we should meet others and maybe we should give it time, maybe you should consider someone else, you definitely should follow his/her advice and consider someone who wants to be with you. Sometimes people end up talking about a glorious future in the beginning and then there are weeks without the mention of a future together till the extent that you are not included in the weekend plan. This is a sign that your love interest has already taken a step back.

Always trust the way you feel in your relationship. Your instincts can be a great guiding force. Your gut feeling will let you know if things aren’t right in your relationship. Acknowledge these feelings, listen to the facts and accept the reality as practically and objectively as possible if you wish to have a happy you in the long ride of life.