Lately I feel as if everything is wrong with me. Right from the moment I wake up in the morning – My mattress of 10 yrs  cannot give me a good night’s sleep, germs start building in my mouth even as I’m brushing, my face might literally be crumbling with all sorts of skin trouble, germs are invading my body as I shower, no fabric is right for me, my hair is falling all out with my comb, my breakfast can make me fat, I drive the wrong car to work…need I say more?
Each advertisement that I watch on TV is like an assault on your years old belief about something. Suddenly your way of life is just not good enough and you need a new fad to follow! A cereal brand would 39217uut0s4m23gpromise you that if you eat a bowl every day, you won’t get fat. But it doesn’t tell you that you’ll get hungry again after two hours and will reach for a mayo laden sandwich anyway. A shampoo brand will tell you that you’re losing hair at an alarming rate and at once you start noticing fallen hair all over the house turning you bald! Do you realize that the ad just draws your attention to something that was always there but it was so much of a non-entity that it didn’t warrant a look? So when on TV they show a comb full of hair, you pick up yours and think Oh My…they’re right!
There’s nothing wrong in trying a new product if you fancy it, but please don’t think that you won’t survive without it because you HAVE…all these years until an ad made you hyper-vigilant. Here are a few pointers on how to stay aware.

  • Don’t buy a new product on your very next shopping trip after watching a new promotion. Pick it up from the shelf, look at it carefully, read what it offers and then PUT IT BACK. Chances are, by the time you get home you would realize that it’s not much different from what you’re already using. If you still feel it offers more, try a sample next time.
  • If you must buy a newly offered product, buy a small pack. Don’t be charmed by the inviting combo offers. They don’t always pay off in the long run. A small pack is just enough for you to see the effect of the commodity (if any) and then decide whether you would want to be spending more money on it.
  • When a cosmetic or food product offers something of immense benefit, take some time to read up on the new ingredient. In all probability it would be something that’s needed by your skin or body in super-minuscule quantity and that you might already be getting from somewhere else!
  • Please be mindful of the basic use of any product. A toothpaste is a toothpaste. No matter how many elements are added to it, it is still just supposed to clean your teeth morning and night. If a stick of Neem tree can do it efficiently, a basic toothpaste can sure do a satisfactory job without the frills!

Keep these little pointers in mind and may be you can shield yourself from the consumer bombardment!
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