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Surviving Holidays: Grieving tips for special days

Grief can be extra painful during holidays and special days. It seems like you need an extra dose of strength on holidays when you miss your loved ones a little bit more and the memories are painful. Clinical Psychologist and grief counsellor Ruchi Trivedi shares some tips on how to survive this pain and loss during holidays when you miss your loved ones.

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Professional Relationship Advice: A Good Idea

Does seeking psychological advice for relationships mean we are weak? Does it help? Qualified clinical psychologist Prachi S Vaish tells you how you can use online counselling to make your relationships better. offers offline and online relationship advice in India and abroad through highly experienced counselors and psychologists from around the world.

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Relationships: Everyone needs a little respect!

Do you experience low self-esteem? Did you learn certain behavior patterns from the family you were raised in? Assuming that abuse doesn’t exist and that you do feel safe, but just not as respected as you would like to feel, consider what you might do to gain the respect that you want and deserve. Consider what may be holding you back from being respected.

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Problems with in laws: A new adjustment perspective!

Out of all the emails I get every day asking for advice, almost forty per cent are from ladies like you who are feeling stuck in this push-and-pull relationship of in laws. So, I decided to come up with a little something for all of you, based on professional and personal experience both, that can help you make this transition easier, especially if you’re about to get married.

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A Narcissist or Simply Over-confident?

As human beings, we generally enjoy being admired; getting compliments, feeling appreciated and occasionally enjoy being in the limelight. However, it becomes pathological or troublesome when one is only focused on such interactions and considers them to be the sole manner in which he/she exists in the world.

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