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Stand Up To Bullying!

Bullying has been an issue in schools all over the world. Its cause can be race, cast, religion, sex or just the child’s personality. The victim is singled out by a bully or a group of bullies and humiliated to the extent that he/she may begin believing them.

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Child Abuse: Signs to watch out for!

We all know that child abuse exists; almost every day the newspaper or the news report yet another tragic case and we are overwhelmed with feelings of despair, sadness and anger. The hard reality is that child abuse indeed, can happen in our own street, in the house next door or even in our own family.

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Teen Suicides: What you can do

We are not going to re-quote all the statistics summing up teen suicides. We are instead, going to take a quick look at the possible reasons behind this growing trend and then come up with some simple solutions that can help to prevent your children from reaching the brink of suicide.

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Understanding Teenage Anxiety

Being a teenager is a hugely difficult time, a transition from childhood to adulthood. Expectations are increased and yet the brain is still developing and hormones are impacting on the teenager and creating bodily changes that can be quite daunting and at times difficult to adapt to.

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The right age to start school

In western countries they don’t allow you to enroll the child for school until they are at least 5, and now this trend is picking up in most metro cities and reputed schools. So you have all the time to decide what age is right for your child to attend school.

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Get ready for child therapy

It’s not easy for any parent to accept that their child needs to see a therapist. But it is better to recognize the need in time than leave it for too late. A few pointers that can make the course of therapy easier, both for the parents and the child…

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