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I was sexually abused by family friends…Part 1

One of my clients who has been in therapy for a few months for unexplained rage, especially towards her family, finally opened up about the cycle of sexual abuse she was caught up in for a long time. Once she disclosed the entire story, she wanted it to be heard by everyone because it was such a breakthrough moment for her, and she had been keeping it inside her for so long. It’s a long story so I’ve split it into three parts.

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Surviving Holidays: Grieving tips for special days

Grief can be extra painful during holidays and special days. It seems like you need an extra dose of strength on holidays when you miss your loved ones a little bit more and the memories are painful. Clinical Psychologist and grief counsellor Ruchi Trivedi shares some tips on how to survive this pain and loss during holidays when you miss your loved ones.

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Hard Survival: Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

My family history is one of mental illness and addiction. I became an addict and with a lot of love and support from my older sister and truly caring non-judgemental professionals, at 30, I became sober. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 49, I could never have imagined. Due to important trauma in my life at that time, I had honestly lost control of my mind.

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