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Surviving Holidays: Grieving tips for special days

Grief can be extra painful during holidays and special days. It seems like you need an extra dose of strength on holidays when you miss your loved ones a little bit more and the memories are painful. Clinical Psychologist and grief counsellor Ruchi Trivedi shares some tips on how to survive this pain and loss during holidays when you miss your loved ones.

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Recovery after loss: Reclaim your universe

Losing someone close is devastating. No one other than the sufferer can actually fathom the hurt. How does one begin to make sense of everything around us after loss and grieving? Clinical Psychologist Ruchi Trivedi had to go through that pain when she lost soul-mate. She shares how she began appreciating everything slowly after the loss.
This is the fourth article in the Coping With Grief after Bereavement series by her.

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Anger in Loss: The Storm Within

There is an array of emotions that one goes through during grief. One of them is anger. Loss of a significant person might make one feel responsible for their death. This is when anger towards your own self seeps in. I used to feel angry for not being able to stop what happened…for not being at their place.

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Lessons from the Grief Chapter

Losing someone to death is traumatic. Losing someone close – even more so. Losing one’s fiance a month prior to wedding? Ruchi had to face it. Life was no longer the same. High on life, she shares with the world how she coped up with the immense grief and continues to do so. She has agreed to share her experience in this series of articles.

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