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Hard Survival: Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

My family history is one of mental illness and addiction. I became an addict and with a lot of love and support from my older sister and truly caring non-judgemental professionals, at 30, I became sober. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 49, I could never have imagined. Due to important trauma in my life at that time, I had honestly lost control of my mind.

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Resilience: What I learned from my feline friends!

Resilience is the ability to spring back into shape, the capacity to recover from difficulties. Though cats do not always land on their feet, most often they do. Like their potentially resilient human owners, they seem to have the uncanny ability to right themselves quickly when the inevitable falls of life happen. What is it that allows them to do so? How do some people seem to do the same?

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The Invisible Disability

Normal/Normalcy is usually associated with society’s typical standards. Disability is generally known as an illness or injury that impairs or limits a person’s physical or mental abilities. But something that is not readily seen, can it still be called a disability?

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When too much love can hurt: Munchausen syndrome by Proxy

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP or MBP) is a severe form of child abuse (also called Medical Child Abuse MCA) where a caregiver, most of the time the mother (95% of the cases; in minor percentage the perpetrator is the father or other relatives/caretakers including nurses) deliberately fabricates, exaggerates, induces symptoms or causes actual harm to their child.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: Could you be suffering?

Many people experience a shift in mood and temperament during the winter season as compared to the rest of the year. The cold season makes everyone lethargic to some extent but if the above symptoms persist to the extent of hampering your daily functioning and begin to have an effect on your work efficiency and interpersonal relationships, its time take a closer look.

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