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Why porn can be good for your relationship

One of the most common complaints from wives/girlfriends that comes to me as a therapist is that their partner watches porn and they have a zillion questions about it. This article tries to put those doubts to rest and gives you a few tips on how you can use porn to bring some spice in your relationship!

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Extramarital Affairs: Five Emotions the Other Man/Woman Goes Through

The focus of an extramarital affair is usually the couple affected, as it should be. But the third person involved needs to be highlighted as well to understand the entire picture. Clinical Psychologist and Marital Therapist Prachi S Vaish brings to the fore five emotions that the third person in the extramarital affair endures, to show you the other side of this taboo subject.

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Professional Relationship Advice: A Good Idea

Does seeking psychological advice for relationships mean we are weak? Does it help? Qualified clinical psychologist Prachi S Vaish tells you how you can use online counselling to make your relationships better. offers offline and online relationship advice in India and abroad through highly experienced counselors and psychologists from around the world.

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Can I Trust You?

Infidelity, being disloyal or unfaithful, is one of the most common issues of a relationship. It can have a devastating effect on not just the person being cheated on but the cheater as well. It has an underlying cause which drives a person to cheat.

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