Confidence can be skin deep

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This is for those of us who don’t have that ‘babe’ factor and need that extra boost to make us feel oh-so-good about ourselves! Because sometimes, confidence needs to be skin deep before it can come from within.

You can do it.

If only the pretty ones would get all the love of the world, where would the ordinary ones go to feel accepted? So you have myopic eyes and glasses, or a frumpy hair cut, or acne troubles, or a more-than-curvaceous body…does that mean you’re not entitled to love and attention?

Absolutely not Believe it or not, it just takes a little effort to bring that ‘oomph’ into your life. I should know. I was a bespectacled nerd all the way through school and high school. But then I went to college and wanted more from life. So I got contact lenses, got rid of the glasses; wizened up about hair trends, cleared my skin with a certain turmeric cream (it worked like magic thank God!) and revamped my wardrobe! Sounds like a movie plot I know. But this really happened! So since I know it firsthand that it can be done, you can do it too.

Dump the guilt.

The first thought that ran through your mind as you were reading above was ‘I can’t do all this, this is just talk’…am I right? But do you know why you think like that? Because in your mind you have resigned to who you see in the mirror every day, several times a day. And even though you’re dying to shed that look, every time you see yourself, you reinforce with a sigh – ‘that’s the way I am,and people in magazines are a different species’ And somewhere you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself if you tried to change.

Try this the next time you look at that mirror. Look into your own eyes and say ‘I deserve better and I’m going to make it happen!’ Do it for two weeks without fail and you’ll be itching to hit the salon! And no, you’re not shallow for wanting to look pretty. Everyone deserves to feel and be beautiful and if it comes in a bag of cosmetics, so be it.

One step at a time.

Unlike a movie don’t expect the change to happen overnight. Set short goals and take simple steps.

  • The first thing that makes you feel good is soft clear skin. So grab that bottle of water and glug all day. Invest in a really good high-end night skin cream and use it regularly. I personally found that night is the best time to repair skin. You might have to try a few before you settle on the brand that’s right for you, but please don’t be stingy!
  • Flip through tens of glossy magazines and find a hair look that you absolutely love. Don’t bother whether it’ll look good on you. If you love it, you’ll be able to carry it off. But find a good stylist to make it work. And don’t go for highlights or any kind of color in your hair until you’re comfortable with your new look, no matter who tells you what.
  • If you have glasses and you’re over 18 ( because that’s when your number stabilises) by all means go for contacts. Yes they will hurt in the beginning and you will have a slight infection. But it all goes away. See a good ophthalmologist and turn your life around!
  • Finally your wardrobe. Don’t go from one end of the continuum to another overnight. If you like pastels, don’t pick up neon leggings just because they are in. Stick to your favorite colors but change your STYLE. If you’re curvaceous, go sleek and fitted but not bursting at the seams. If you’re super-thin, try bold and busy prints. If there’s a part of your body you’re conscious about, pick clothing that attracts attention to a part that you’re proud of and takes it away from the one that makes you conscious. C’mon, every one has a body part they secretly love!

Am I frivolous for telling you to seek confidence for something other than your brains or ‘personality’? May be so. But all I want you to ask yourself is ‘what is so wrong if you can get a big broad smile on your face just by looking at yourself?’ Does that automatically make you a bimbo or any less intelligent? I think not. Isn’t that the right jump start you need to use all your other intellectual gifts better?

Any girls out there going through the same dilemma? Let’s hear it in the comments! Any queries for makeover tips are also welcome in the mail at or Book 1-on-1 Appointment with certified counsellor for Online Counselling.