An Exclusive Workshop for Ladies

“Hey did you plan something for this weekend? Remember we have people visiting us?”


“What hmm…say something…”

“I’ll do it…relax…”

“You know what? You’ve changed…”

“Now where did that come from?”

“You have…you just don’t seem to pay attention to me anymore”

“And you always exaggerate!”

“I don’t! See? You don’t even like the way I talk anymore! All you like are your friends and your phone!”

“Don’t go to my friends now!”

“Yeah you can’t hear a word about them but you can say whatever to me!”



Have you been getting into frequent such arguments with your partner lately?

Does it seem like no matter what you both say, nothing ever gets resolved?

Do you want to learn how to get your point across to him clearly?

Do you want to be able to keep your cool when you do get into a rough spot?

Then this is the right opportunity!

Prachi S Vaish, Psychotherapist and marital expert, brings to you a one day intensive workshop to teach you how to fight fair!

Fight? Fair? Did you hear that right? YES!

Trust us, we know how painful it is to be misunderstood for good intentions and to be the butt of all “hitler wife” “nagging wife” jokes. We also know why you do what you do. And we’re not saying you’re wrong. We’re merely going to teach you a new way to do it so that you can break the invisible communication barrier between you and your partner!

Arguments and differences of opinions are an inevitable part of any relationship, especially couples. We are not going to tell you that we can wave a magic wand and cast a spell so you’ll never fight again. Don’t be afraid to butt heads, argue, fight – it keeps you alive as a couple! BUT, do it in a way that’s productive and doesn’t leave a bitter after taste.
brings you.

Finding Intimacy Through Tension – A Conflict Resolution Workshop

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[feature_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h6″ ]Here are a few things we’ll be covering in the workshop:[/feature_headline]

  • A quick check of your relationship health
  • Learn about which behaviours help your relationship grow and which destruct
  • How to spot the red flags in a relationship
  • Learn how we unconsciously avoid tension in relationships
  • Learn about kinds of intimacy
  • Learn how to foster Intimacy through tension
  • Learn rules for fair fighting
  • Learn constructive conflict resolution so that even if you argue, you end up reaching solutions

Date/Time: Saturday, 17 Dec, 2016, 10:00am

Fee : INR 5000 (scroll down for discounts)

Venue :
The Atara, DLF Phase-1 , Gurgaon
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  • Group discount 20% for two or more people registering together
  • Early bird discount 10%


  • Personal interactive training session with Prachi S Vaish
  • Interesting exercises and questionnaires
  • Take-home reading material
  • Special souvenirs from
  • Two tea breaks and lunch
  • Special discount on therapy charges for participants who want to continue with Prachi S Vaish on a personal basis

Get ready to breathe fresh air into your stuck relationship!


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