It was a pleasure to host Karen Tyrrell’s Blog Tour on Hope We saw tremendous participation from all over the world and Anne Brockelsby and Reshma Ashar came out to be winners of Karen Tyrrell’s bestseller Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness! Congratulations! The contest is now closed but the interview will remain here for everyone to read. And Karen would still be glad to answer any queries from the readers. So read on!

 Please welcome Karen Tyrrell, Australian mental health advocate and author of ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness. Karen Tyrrell is a multi-genre Australian writer who struggled with Bipolar Disorder for many years until finally fighting it with her grit and determination and accepting the treatment.

Bipolar Disorder is very real, very serious. It can even play with the brain chemistry.

Bipolar Disorder is a condition that propels the victim into a rollercoaster of emotions and moods. They feel confused, lost, frustrated and angry. They feel unable to get a rein on their life and still refuse to seek therapy or professional advice because it just seems like a bad mood phase.

 They don’t know what’s coming.

Bipolar will leave one reeling in a vicious cycle of euphoria and sadness so hard that it makes the head spin.

Karen was a victim. But she fought, and fought hard.  She is back from the dark depths of her mind to tell you her story. Her new book, ME AND HER: A Memoir of Madness tells the gripping tale of how she came face to face with Bipolar Disorder that turned her into someone else entirely; and how she finally conquered it with the right help and support.

Today Hope is proud to be a partner in Karen’s blog tour and welcomes her on board with best wishes for the success of her book ME AND HER: A Memoir of Madness!

Karen shares her strategies for recovery and wellness.

Prachi S Vaish: What made you suspect you needed help and had Bipolar?

Karen Tyrrell: Parents at my school repeatedly harassed me (a teacher) to breaking point and beyond. My personality and moods slowly changed, and I developed anxiety, stress and severe insomnia. Over time, I became manic and psychotic. I escaped from my family and hid in a lonely motel. The police and a medical team found me, forcing me into a psychiatric hospital under an involuntary treatment order. I had no idea that I was ill. Later the psychiatrist in the hospital diagnosed me with Bipolar.

PSV: What were your major apprehensions while seeking help for Bipolar? (Did you feel embarrassed, confused, and angry or felt like you didn’t want or need therapy?)

KT: I was angry and confused at being forced into the hospital. I refused to take medication and thought I could heal myself. But I couldn’t. When I accepted my diagnosis and treatment, the healing began.

PSV: What, according to your experience, leads to a condition like Bipolar?

KT: People are born with a genetic pre-disposition to Bipolar disorder. When I became severely stressed and sleep deprived, my brain chemistry changed. I developed late onset Bipolar Disorder.

PSV: And finally, could you list five tips/pointers useful in everyday life that helped you and can help people managing Bipolar in their day to day life?

KT: I found these strategies very helpful:

  • Recruit a team of supporters who can help monitor your illness like your family, friends, colleagues, doctor and/or psychologist.
  • Figure out what your triggers are and learn how to avoid them.
  • Develop your own pro-active wellness plan including a healthy lifestyle, pro-sleep routines and leading a balanced life.
  • Monitor your moods and emotions. Keep check of any fluctuations.
  • Learn how to meditate. Meditation will help you recover and increase your creativity too.

Thank you Karen!!

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