Five Things To Remember In a New Relationship

New Relationship Counselling

So you’ve met someone new and you like where this is going? Good for you! Still, with each step you keep thinking whether it’s the right one. So we bring you five things you need to keep in mind when in a new relationship and you can rest assured that it will be smooth sailing!

Be a listener.

Sometimes the excitement of falling in love is louder than any voice or sound. Please make sure that along with sharing your stories, you are listening to his/her heart. All of us have a need to be heard. Doesn’t it feel great when someone pays attention to small details you just mentioned and when you are disclosing your secrets and sharing precious moments of life? It does. Right! It definitely makes you feel cared and loved with an unsaid message, that I am listening to you and that I am here for you.

Be real.

Sometimes we are so lost in impressing the other person that we start recreating our image as per our partner’s vision. Sooner or later it is going to create a conflict. So be real in the way you present yourself. Playing fake is definitely a short lived show. Also lies are not going to help you create a long lasting healthy relationship. Manipulating facts or situation just doesn’t work. So let your love interest see the real you, and love you for the person you are. Yes, all of us are afraid and do get bothered if rejected or what if the person doesn’t like you or doesn’t find you attractive. Don’t you think it is better to feel hurt in the beginning than two people being in a relationship that hurts even more? Believe me, love gets stronger when both the partners are honest and true to each other and their own selves as it sets a strong foundation of unconditional acceptance. Also please let your partner be his or her real self. You don’t get in a relationship with a mission to improve someone or change someone. The decision to changing or improving is solely in the hands of the individual.

Take time.

Sometimes it takes a glance and sometimes months and years to know whether he/she is the right one for you. It doesn’t have to be love from the first step. Try not to force yourself for developing feelings or saying and doing something that you don’t feel. Be patient with yourself as well as with your partner. As much as time is important to you, it is important for your partner too. You need to respect your partner’s need for time. Time can be for anything, it can be for taking a decision for commitment or it can be time for sharing the same intensity of feelings like you experience. If you think you can’t come to an agreement, do what is best for both you.

Final verdict.

When you start seeing someone, you are actually observing your partner closely. The initial days will fill your bag with information related to your partner. What are the likes, dislikes, manners, etiquettes, beliefs, values and so on. Few of these won’t match to yours and few will match in way that you start feeling like two peas in a pod. Try not to jump to conclusions about two things, your partner and the future. Try not to over-judge your partner. If you can’t respect him/her for the person he/she is, and if you can’t accept and love the flaws, don’t be harsh on him/her and of course yourself. And secondly, don’t be in a hurry to decide whether its love or infatuation, whether the relationship will work or not. Take it easy, you are just first step up, so don’t decide the faith of your relationship. Try living in the present before jumping to conclusions.

Invest yourself.

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful thing one can experience. So make sure you invest your most precious wealth i.e. your time and yourself. If you really want this person to stay in your life the way they are when you start dating, continue being how you were in the beginning of your relationship. You just can’t be lazy in giving. Your partner is next to you for a reason, and that reason is you and the bond you share. So make sure you don’t end up taking each other for granted. At the same time make sure that you don’t go overboard.

If you can just follow these five mantras, there’s nothing to stop you from taking the right relationship to the next level!