Need help regarding bad marriage

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Hi, I got married last year to a in arrange marriage set up ...we met through a marriage site . Guy appeared cool to me ... he did his master's from UK and was cool about me smoking or drinking . i wasn't earning much also didn't had much plans to study further so thought marriage can be best for me that time .. family met ...His father seemed like the best ... Father-in-law ... buying everything of my choice ... treating me like a queen... everything so picture perfect...and than ... i was in a store buying a gown for myself when my would be read my text with a guy friend about periods and i had informed him earlier about me not being virgin i thought he is so educated and so cool ...knows world inside out won't make fuss about it ... but hell broke loose after this and he said all bad n fought n fought n i begged him not to break this rishta coz my father will be hurt. he finally agreed.. but he kept fighting even on our honeymoon ...thing got ugly ...I conceived our baby i thought things would be fine. but they all blamed that baby was not his ...i got so furious i decided to abort n break this marriage... families got involved somehow we stayed together of n fighting.

1. Now comes the most horrible Father-in-law did second marriage snd have daughter of 7 yrs.. Step MIL got crazy with me taking responsibility of house which Father-in-law i asked me to take and she went on and filled a case. against me that i beat her n abuse her.

2. Husband and his dad are in very abusive relationship and will pretend so much to be in love but then suddenly boom they go on fighting and fighting.

3. No love and respect is left in the whole joint family.

Will Please help me:frowning:

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