Bothering about Negative thoughts

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I am trying to communicate my problems to you. I am still bothering about Negative thoughts, Negative happenings, Repeated scenes , Struggling at times with/without sleep, Negative triggers and lack of motivation with respect to my mindset Lot of imaginary dreaming which may / mayn't happen At times willing to think about future but fall prey or believe in what mind say to me either –ve /+ve Every thing in my life looks easy and pretty simple to me when ever it (situation) is over. Hard to find a solution when it is not over **** main problem. I don't know how this has evolved but it is causing such a disaster things in my life That is thinking about causing harm/damages to others more frequently i’m feeling that every damage is caused by me . 

Most approximately good things happened and bad things too happened, Bad things happened or expected to happen -ve triggers, repeated scenes, deaths, (Especially my Carrier was as low in academics such that ( in child hood in native place (PILER TOWN) I have committed a mistake such that i have thefts a Rs. 10/- currency note and was the victim in front of my grand father at that time i have sensed a dangers (i may think that this is the starting point for all the +ve / -ve doings of my life so far) but i have expected the such bad things all of my life in Inter and B. Tech was a –ve impact on me. 

Under such doing thing at that age had had a lot of guilty impact on me such that from 10th class to till now the happenings are the consequences of that impact. I don't know whether it’s a good wish or a bad wish but those things had happened I am eager to know what will be the scenario if i posses all the qualities,should I have to consult a psychologist to get treatment for my problems. 

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