am i suffering from any mental problem?

Hello sir, I am a ca final student failed in final examination. I know it is a bit critical to clear CA . Issue is not about that my parents they take me often to religious gurus and ask about my future and do prayers which is even for own good. I can't tolerate it even if they are doing it for my purpose. How positive it is but i can't take that fact positively because of this conflict arises between me and my parents . How much i try to keep cool and continue with what they say but negative keep on flowing to my brain and i can't stop it . At sometimes i feel frustrated am i suffering from any mental problem ? . I believein god , do regular prayers . It is that something like doing extra prayers or specially conducting pooja for my purpose to clear ca examination is what i am against at, i don't know these things make me feel down and i feel like i cannot achieve my goal . can you advise me if my thinking is wrong or do i have any mental issue or express your view on this. My parents and i had a quarrel on this (who are very supportive) they insist on taking me to guru's, pandits ,which i don't like i mean who are they to decide my future . my mom feelings got hurt and i am not having a normal family routine , facing a cold war situation now . What should i do?

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