Relationship with my high school boyfriend who has hurt me a lot

Hi My name is Gail, i'm 21years old. I have a problem of focus that is why my life is kind of messed up. Every time i do things i leave em hanging, i don't finish everything i do. I have failed my metric....i have to supplement but now my dad always tell me he doesn't have money even if he does. Time is running out i have to have my metric certificate this year. I go to church every sunday, and we in a period of fasting everyday though people question my fasting. That truly drive me crazy sometimes i sit alone because i feel like i'm not wanted by my family. I'm also a script first the director who used to help me him and i were friends until we dated i wast still with my boyfriend from church were by not so long was out of a 3 year relationship with my high school boyfriend who has hurt me a lot. I don't know how to get my life in order so i make myself proud, please help me. 

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