dear to who ever it may concern,
I’ve heard talking about your problems is a good way out… so here goes d story..
i’m a 16 year old..
and i really like some guy who likes me back too.. we want to b together but we cant.. because wen my dad got to know about us.. he was furious.. and also hit me.. allot… and i was ORDERED to not keep in touch with him… but after d way my father treated me i couldn’t stay away from him as he was the only one who cared about me.. and we r still together.. because we cant b apart.. but everything seems so wrong.. i don’t trust my parents anymore i feel betrayed n even they don’t trust me anymore.. but i don’t want anything… i just want to be myself again.. and be happy… but my parents refuse to listen to me.. in fact if i bring that topic again.. i have to face my dad’s anger again.. and i cant do it anymore… so pleas tell me what to do…