Reply To: Dont Know whats the problem



Dear Deep,

Besides this repetitive and intrusive chain of thoughts are you also experiencing low mood, anxiety features like racing heart, excessive worrying, and urge to do some action repeatedly like counting or checking? You have mentioned that this started two years ago…did something significant happen in your life two years ago – like a death in the family, or a new relationship, or some significant change in your grades or a big exam or something? What you have described could either be a symptom of depression or something called obsessive rumination where a person keeps thinking about irrelevant thoughts and they continue to bother him even after resisting and distracting. I would recommend a psychological assessment so that the picture can become clearer.You can see a psychologist or contact a therapist here on and they will help you.As for temporary releif there are two things you can do:

1. tie a rubber band on your wrist and the moment you find yourself fixating on a word, snap that rubberband hard enough to hurt you for a second.Very soon your mind will start associating the repetitive thoughts with the pain and reduce the frequency of these thoughts.

2. When you find yourself fixating on a word, try to focus on the thoughts that start running through your head. What are you really thinking? Are you thinking something like “I’m useless, I can’t focus and therefore I won’t be able to study and I will fail” or is there something that makes you very anxious when you sit down to read and to avoid facing that anxiety provoking problem your mind switches over to think about a random word? Do you think that’s possible?

Think about it and let us know…
All the best!