Dear Mr Jalaal,

I’m sorry to hear that your son’s relationship broke.It can be a painful process and cannot be expected to get over in just a few days or even months. As outsiders it may be easy for us to feel and say that of that girl didn’t care for him, he should forget her easily. But for the person who was in that relationship, its not easy. They have shared moments. He has invested his emotions with her. And the breakup is a trauma for him, a big hurt.Just like a wound takes some time to heal, similarly breakups can take from 6 months to 3 years to heal. All you should do right now is be there for him. Don’t judge, don’t advice. Try and engage him in activities like exercise, a hobby, something new which he didn’t do previously.But don’t say that you are doing this to distract him. Just say that you feel like spending time with him and it would be fun if you two could try this together.Give him space and time. He will come out of it. In the meantime just be watchful of any signs of suicidal ideas or excessive consumption of alcohol or cigarettes. As long as he does not go towrads these, he will recover from it in a few months.