Reply To: Please help.



Dear Himani,

What a heart rending story you have! Children who witness domestic violence often turn out traumatised and rebellious like you have become and I understand it because at that time, as a child, that seems like the only way to survive. But now that you are an adult, YOU are in control of what happens to you and how you react to situations. See, freedom doesn’t come from escaping and doing whatever the hell we want… True freedom comes from knowing what to choose when.

I can understand your urge to leave home. But have you worked out the practical aspects? You yourself realise what an unsafe city Delhi is. Do you really want to be left at the mercy of guys like the one who earlier molested you? And what are you going to do for livelihood? You’re just a 12th pass. The least you need is a graduate for any kind of a job. Right now, however bad things may be, you have a roof over your head and food on the table. Everything else can be modified. You talk about travelling the world? How’s that going to work out for you without an education and job? Have you considered these aspects?

You say you want to help girls like you. I think that’s a wonderful idea!! And kudos to you for trying to get a positive outcome out of your life. But tell me, if you take that step on 22nd, what advice are you going to give those girls? “Run away and be ready for all sorts of trouble?” or “You can stay on and fight for what you deserve and make the life for yourself right here, just like I did!”?

I can only give you a point of view from someone who has seen all sorts of life. I can’t live for you or force you to accept my point. But just take a step back and THINK… is this really the ABSOLUTE WORST situation possible?