Reply To: Pls advice



Hi Tigress ,

I can understand how it feels to fight mood swings before your mensuration cycle and depression caused by Hypothyroidism.

Well, since you are already aware of what you will go through every month , why dont you prepare yourself for it. Its like when you know its going to rain , you keep your raincoats umbrella ready , finish off your outside household task etc and prepare yourself to ENJOYYY the rains ..same way instead of seeing it as negative trait..try to prepare yourself to fight it out and ENJOY it !!!!! difficult , yeah…..impossible..nooo !

Make a list of some very lively peppy music which both you and your child can enjoy, put it on while you are doing your household chores.

If you like cooking start thinking of a probably new dish that you will try.

If you have been planning to buy something , buy it this time.

Start planning for probably a trip , or outings which you will want to take after your periods.

Do some beauty treatment at home, home remedies for hairloss , weightloss etc etc. You will find many beauty treatment websites.

Think of things to do with your child and your mother…and ofcourse if you still feel low feel free to crib and blame it on your biological cycle but do not let it spoil your mood.

For Hypothyroidism , do not skip your medicines , take very good care of your diet ( thats important ) , exercise regularly and lead a very healthy life . physically and mentally. Be happy 🙂 and dont let it bring you down !!