Reply To: Marital problems



Hi Harshita ,

By what I can gather from your query is that there is a lot of influence of “others” between the two of you , parents , family , dowry , education , family’s behavior etc etc. Your husband seems to be a caring man , however , probably somewhere he feels that he is not wanted or loved in your family. Marriage is all about a bit of adjustment from BOTH people.

You can have a dialogue with him about it , communicate with him and both of you’ll should be very transparent with each other as to where the differences lies and where both of you’ll can improve on it…if he feels you talk less, then make an effort to talk more. Instead of quarreling over about each other’s parents and family , TOGETHER work out on how to resolve the forthcoming problem, most families have their own traditions , first BOTH of you’ll decide on what will be your stand on it and accordingly speak to your own families about it. You’ll have to be each other’s support and not be against each other. Be together and do not let these things distance yourself from him.

All the best