Reply To: Don’t Know What to do



Hi Reena,

It is indeed very disheartening to find this out. However , at the moment do not take any serious step , since for your husband it is just a temporary phase where he is just looking for some difference in his life.

He clearly is attached to his family and you. Do not fight or argue with him or make things unpleasant for him , instead just do things which is different from your normal or usual routine , …like start making his favourite dishes at home everyday , or plan a trip together , You get yourself a different hair style , make an effort to look very nice everyday when he comes back from office , laugh a lot and make him laugh a lot too , watch movies or matches or whatever he likes together , invite his friends over for lunch or dinner or his family members and show warmth and care. Remember , you are his WIFE his family..he can probably talk to anyone but end of the day you are someone he will never want to lose.

A Wise Physician said, “The best medicine for Humans is LOVE.” Someone asked, “If it doesn’t work?” He smiled and answered, “ Increase the dose.”

All the best !