Reply To: Need help: stuck between mom and wife



Hi Ashish ,

Like most men you are stuck between two most important women in your life, It does get difficult at times. However , between your two precious ladies the common factor is YOU , therefore, you have to handle things in a very matured and sensible way , without hurting any one of them nor making the other feel left out.
Give equal love and attention to both and LISTEN to both of them without getting yourself completely involved in their matter or making it a very serious matter . Explain the good points of each other to each other , try and involve them into doing something which will keep them very busy , probably your mother can join a group or do some social service type. Its very good that you are going on a holiday , I would advice that you’ll should just enjoy and have loads of fun , better to keep discussion on this matter for some other time. This holiday just concentrate on have an amazing time.

All the best