Reply To: psychological problem – my unique behaviour


antoniatte princy

hii awaraj … thank you for your reply and advice. I dont like being the centre of attraction like people watching me keenly trying to figure out what im telling. I dont like to talk much i ignore people or i’ll just smile and come from there . I like to sit alone , read novels or listenin to sngs etc. but sometimes i feel very lonely and if i want to share anything or if i have something in my mind i just want to tell it to someone and at that time if anyone t alks to me well i share to them everything . But they aren’t my true friends there are some people who wanted to kn w only the secret and then they won’t talk . i had a good friend and itz only because of her i had a confidence that even i can get friends but 2 days back i told her that i love so now we are ot in touch .