Reply To: shall we marry or no?



Thank you swarup and Pari. Will think over it. and will get married once we both are settled. She is from a sindhi family and i am from a maharashtrian family. definitely there has to be poles difference in our lifestyles.

i wanted one more suggestion.
this year is my last year + Her family expects a guy who has a good bank balance (ofcourse every girl family needs that). In order to get that i have to work hell tough and smart to marry her which is why I have kept a timeline of three years from now. Only i know that even those three years wont be enough but i have to do.
She realizes that but acts kiddish. I give her time. We meet every ten days. We spend time together but then her demands go on increasing. I explain her make her understand but doesnt work.

Is their any way i can make her understand that these three to four years are very imp for it will get us together. plz help