Reply To: iam a girl and i am falling in love with every good person i meet



hi veronica
Very 1st of all its not a bad habit that you fall in love wid every 2nd person uh meet, its your good and pure heart that make uh fall for them but you see in todays world everyone is not the person you should fall for, may b you are only looking at there good sides..ONLY GOOD SIDE, like every coin people do have 2 faces, try exploring both of them before you go for some srious relation n stuff!
And first go for your graduation stuff, complete it first, make a remarkable career and then go looking for your life partner.
n id say if you think that you cant control yourself from falling for every 2nd person leave that job for your family, theyll definatly find someone great for you!

Make friends first,know them, talk to them, the much ull communicate the much ull get to know if some one is really that lovable!
n once ur with someone stay focused, stay loyal, that`s the key to every successful relationship.
and try stopping at one, may be it is very tough for you but still you have to do it.
In your future too once you are married you have to be loyal to that one person.
and all this happening with u is not love its called infatuation, it happens usually at this age.
TRY CONTROLLING, KNOW PEOPLE MORE, TALK, COMMUNICATE n most importantly study work hard for you career.

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