Reply To: Need help


Azad Joshi

Hi, I am have reviewed both the comments from Amit and Swarup and I am expressing my views which may be correct or incorrect as per you or others, As you have told that you are married and your husband also knows about your friendship,
If you are distracted due to less communication between you both and It is noticeable then it can affect your married life which should not be happened. As your friend has got a new GF which his personal matters and you should give him some time or privacy so that he should not mind to talk with you because your possessive behavior.
First of all you should identify the what is your primary concerns in your life, is it your friendship or your married life and how your distracted behavior is affecting this.
Many thing in life we have to let it go like when you married then quantum of love to your family is reduced and some part has diverted to new family at that time your family have allowed this because it was necessary, same will happen when your child will marry, like this now your friend has found a GF and you don’t know the extent of their friendship and you need to give him some space so he can understand the priorities of his life.