Reply To: I dont know whats wrong!!!but something is amiss in our marriage…


Azad Joshi

As per view their are two major problem in between you both First less communication and second immediate reaction.
Many times before happening the problem we are assuming the negative situation and when it happens we are taking predetermined decisions and thing go on more worse.

I know it is difficult situation when argument starts and we starting proving our self right and responsible during this situation I can give you a tip which many times I am using that let wait for a 2-3 mins after his comments and let him to speak fully and then some times we have to clam and quite so he can also get some time to realize the impact or correctness of his statements. May be after lunch or dinner try to clarify him the situation and express your feeling calmly because immediate reaction will amplify the anger between you both. Try this 2-3 times with patience it may help to improve the situation.