Reply To: How do I make her love herself?



Its very nice to be concerned about somebody and i appreciate it. But to be over-concerned about her life is not at all rational and completely unnecessary over and above when she wants u to leave her alone. Mate u need to deal with things more realistically then emotionally. From what she is doing with her life she is completely responsible for all her actions. Though u can influence her but u cannot control her. So stop taking so much responsibilty or else u will make urself miserable by trying to do the impossible.U have already done ur part by asking her so many times to help. Thats all. Now understand taking care of her or forming a loving relationship with her is one way to be happy. There are so many other ways to be happy. Try to look out for some other girl or look for some more sources of happiness like involving in activities u find absorbing. The girl is mature enough and let her be on her own thats what would be a sensible act for u and best. Allthough u can still choose to behave irrationaly and get upset.