Reply To: husband hates my parents



Shabana there could be several reasons for ur husband to hate ur parents. So dont think that it is beacuse of that single incident. If he chooses to hate ur parents then its completely his choice and doesnt prove that ur parents are bad or u are bad. Ask ur parents to try to form a more loving and understanding relationship with him. But if he still contines to behave in the same way then accept it. But i am sure his opinions will change and always remember no matter of what he thinks of ur parents u can still have a loving relationship with him. Hating anybody is not a crime and he has a full right to hate even though it may be unnecessary or wrong. Hating ur parents dont make him a bad person so it would be best for u to love him more and sometimes try to lessen his hatred. Do this not by entirely blaming things to his own mother because if there is something wrong between both sides then both sides are more or less equally responsible.