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Hi ana, why should u feel bad from that guy who not really loves u. This kind of guys only uses girls for their time pass. Remember it ur life, u should take the decision what is good for u. I think he knows ur weakness that u will forgive him when he says sorry or cried infront of u. Be aware from this kind of guys , whatever he may tell u don’t be worried about that instead of focus on ur studies. Many people are there u really loves u like ur parents,Family and frds so give ur time to them. Still u have a lot of time to decide a guy who will really love u and take care of u in between that time many fake people will come in ur life be careful and don’t trust them. Your life and time is so precious so don’t waste it on such fake people. U have a bright future for that now only focus on ur studies. And don’t think u are wasting anybody’s time here, we are here to clarify whatever doubt and questions u have. U can tell us whatever problem u have we will try our best to solve it. Thank u