Reply To: How do I make her love herself?



Brother, love, first and foremost, is neither sensible nor rational. But anyways that’s just philosophy. And as far as my well-being is concerned, I am ok I guess. I am not really worried about forming a loving relationship. As I’ve said earlier, this is not about our relationship. Just think of her as another person. She is ruining her life. I know I am being overly concerned. But I can’t just ler her be, she’ll destroy herself. You said I can influence her. That is all I need. I am just not sure about the ‘how’. I mean, how can I urge her to be more self caring by just talking to her over the phone. I can’t even meet her. And the usual things that we read on every other self-help site/book, she’ll see right through their bulls**t. As I said, she has seen enough pain and sufferring. She’s not naive.