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Thank you so very much for your kind words! I recently found out that he is not only talking s**t about me, but about my friends as well. A couple of weeks ago, while he was at home, his new girlfriend went out and got drunk and started flirting with other guys. She was in the same pub I was with a couple of friends. When I saw her, I finished my beer and went straight home, as to avoid any confrontation. One of my friends (which happens to be friend with my ex too), saw the lady flirting with other guys and texted my ex, to tell him. The finale? My ex ended up accusing me of putting drugs in the girls’ drink and calling my friend (who only meant good) a liar and an a-hole. Moreover, although he is not personally contacting me (for which I am grateful), yesterday one of his colleagues wrote to me, telling me that he had spoken to my ex about my arrival and I was puzzled and confused. I told him that I think he is talking about the new girl, and he told me “Oh, yes, indeed. I thought it was you, sorry.”, which is a plain lie, since he most probably knew my ex has another girlfriend right now. I don’t know what he wants from me, since he has already moved on.