Reply To: Getting depressed for my relation. Need help


Akash Sen


Whenever I am alone one thought is automatically coming in my mind is, other persons slept with her, they have touched her and this thinking is putting me in big trouble. I always behave roughly with her when this thought comes in my mind . Will I be able to forget those things ever in future? If not then me and she both will be in real trouble .

One more thing is, her mother also had a extramarital relationship.Will she be like that in future because she already physically attached with two person within 20 years of age only.she did the mistake once but second time how can she did the same mistake!
even in third time with me she did the thing again….How can I trust her?How can I be confirm that she did not have other physical partners.But now she loved me very much. Is it for her good future or she truly love me I dint understand.

If I do not talk with her she is telling me that she lost every battle in her life previous two boyfriend ditched her. She don’t want live in this world anymore.She can’t concentrate on anything. I don’t know are those things correct or she is telling those things for getting sympathy