Reply To: Getting depressed for my relation. Need help



Akash whatever be her past it does not tell about her future. Its your own illogical assumptions and a thinking error called overgeneralization thats making u think that she will end up the same with u as she did twice before. Do u know scientist took almost 10 years to invent light. Year by year they failed for continous 10 years. If they had thought that now they cant invent light and they are bound to fail everytime then we wouldnt have any light today. But fortunately they looked towards it rationally and didnt give up. They knew Past does not indicate future. So u also give up this notion. Though she could have tried with 2 other guys but it didnt worked might be possible it works with both of u. The girl here seems to be depressed. she may not be doing this all for sympathy. She actually wants u not to give up on her. Having a touch or physical doesnt make anybody bad. So she is not bad but only ur irrational thinking is making her look bad to u and u irrationally conclude that she will again go physical with more guys with no evidence to support this at all and just by her bad past u support it stupidly.