Reply To: cant forget the person who doesnt love me



u dont need to forget him and continue being friends. But it would be best for u to forget this irrational opinion of yours that u cant stand without talking to him for more than a day. U can stand it but u dont want to. Just call him not more than twice a week and understand that talking with him is one way to enjoy life. But there are so many other ways to do so look for more eligible guys. On the other hand being in a relationship is one way to be satisfied ion life. But there are so many other ways like look for any activity that u find absorbing or develop some goals in your life and pursue them with discipline. He has no reason why he must be nice to u thats completely his choice and has got nothing to do with u. U can easily forget him once u divert ur mind to new goals. Not able to talk to him does not cause ur emotional misery but your own irrational philosophy that “I cant stand without talking to him” .U have the power to give up this crooked philosophy and improve ur well being. If u want u can still call him everday stupidly and become more miserable. Again its ur personal choice.:)