Reply To: Staying with husbands family



I understand u want more privacy with ur husband but here instead of wanting it u are demanding it irrationally. Its not good to ask him to leave his mother or sil but instead u change ur unrealistic expectations from ur husband. I believe ur mil and sil are quite supportive. I would suggest u instead of trying to control other try to control urself by getting involved in some productive actions like get absorbed in a hobby, do some physcial exercise everyday, go out and meet friends, join a job etc etc. This will help u divert ur mind from all the irrational and illogical thoughts u have made up in ur mind. The fact of the matter is u can still be very happy with ur sil and mil if u choose to be. When u dont want to talk to them dont talk. Just let them know politely u are stressed out and would want some free time alone. They wont perceive u as a bad person because of that. If u want u can still unrealistically blame ur husband, sil or mil for all the stress in ur life and create the room for more stress but i think u love urself and wont act in an unjust way with u .