Reply To: Staying with Combined Family



Forcing u to do a job or to be with his family is complete nonsense and it would be better if he changes his expectations to a level where u both are comfortable. He irrationally thinks that u are not worth it if u dont spend time with his family or earn a job. He almost forgets that u have ur own life and expectations. But arguing or fighting wont help . if he is acting stupidly then be a bigger person and try to make him umderstand what u think politely. I would suggest u not to leave ur job ….psychologically job may not make u tired but its ur own thinking about it. If he wants to stay with his family his choice and if u want to stay with his family but interact less its ur choice. There are many reasons to get married not only financial help etc. So be more mature , calm and strong and dont argue just solve the problem and look for alternatives.