Reply To: Split: I dont know whats wrong!!!but something is amiss in our marriageā€¦



Though ur husband is not able to give u much time but Here i dont find much wrong with the behaviour of ur husband. U have made so many expectations on him that he is not able to fulfill not even a single one. And to make things worse your retaliating by not doing home work etc. given ur husband never intended to hurt u in the first place but its your own demands thats causing ur emotional turnmoil. The best part of ur husband is that he is mature enough to follow his routine irrespective of the fact how u behave with him. On the other hand u are acting in a moody irrational way and ur frozen by your own demands. Stop demanding his time and understand that being in his company is one way to be happy in life. There are so many other right ways to be happy like following a daily schedule, taking part in phy excersice, yoga, job, hobby, absorbing work etc. Once u concentrate in all these activities and plus respecting ur husband and start by being more loving …then u will automatically find ur husband being more towards u. i can show u a thousand couples that sleep with their MIL or children or family but still they are very happy. So not sleeping together does not cause ur loneliness but its your own crooked demanding though process that is the culprit. But u can change it and hence change ur feelings and ur life and could become more happy. Now u can still play the blame game with ur husband and can bring him to a point where he leaves u or u can choose to develop more self-control and live a fulfilling life.