Reply To: Staying with Combined Family



spend more time out of the house, go to job regularly, develop a friends circle go for regular outing, join a gym , take part in yoga…..look for an activity u find absorbing……..i want u to remain out of the house much of the time and divert ur mind in life outside the house …..beacuse ultimately life is always outside the house and now u have to move out more, When u are here inside the house tell ur husband i dont like to adjust with ur family still there are so many advantages of keeping a relationship with u (that u can think of) thats why i am with u and i want u to act in a loving way with him all the time. Crying or blaming or fighting wont help u. When u have to face his family try to find good points in them and there could be so many common topics that u can find. Even if u dont wannna talk to them u can ignore them buy saying u feel stressed out these days. Find a life outside the house there are so many other ways think about it. Now u can still continue to eat yourself up from inside about his irritating family or u can choose to take some productive actions and improve ur life.