Reply To: Split: I dont know whats wrong!!!but something is amiss in our marriageā€¦



i understand its very unpleasent and frustrating to see ur husband not giving u the attention u want. We are still not sure why is he behaving that way could be he thinks his ignorance makes him great or he might be upset with ur behaviour or he might be bored of the relationship and wants to spend time out or could be many reasons. Without talking to him it wont be possible to come to a conclusion and the solution of ur problem has got nothing to do with whatever the reason may be. The thing i know whatever he is doing does not make him a bad person. I understand u strongly prefer him to be around but if he is not its his choice and he is not obliged to do what u want him to do.Everbody is different in this world and we cannot expect them to behave in a way thats most convinient to us. Apart from that if u think he is doing a bad behaviour then u are also doing the same by refusing to go on a vacation. The more u reciprocate like this the more ignorant he would become and then more repulsive u become and it would be a vicious cycle. BUt here u have to intervene, take control of ur life and break this vicious cycle into a delicious cycle. U have to show love for him. U have to urself be a part of all his happy moments, ask for sex urself without waiting for him, help him in his routine work etc. Follow this for a month and then see the changes in his behaviour. I am sure u will be amazed by the results. In the beginning he will be the same but soon he will start to change and u will succeed in making the relationship work again. But what i told u in previous post was getting the attention of ur husband is not just the only way to enjoy and feel happy. There are so many other ways to be happy. Apart from this i want u to get involved in activities outside home and not let ur mood dominate over your actions. U have to do right actions all the time with him irrspective of how angry, jeolous , ignored u feel, Only this way u would be able to help urself,….rest depends on u because its just u who can take productive actions for urself like a mature adult.