Reply To: Split: I dont know whats wrong!!!but something is amiss in our marriageā€¦



Yes Amit
Every individual is different.
It’s just that my frustration reached its heights because they moved on even without me.In a way I’m happy that my son is with his cousins spending quality time with them
My husband goes to office at 8.30 am.He comes back home at 9.40 pm.this is his usual timings.he goes to gym everyday after his office hours.he has dinner only by 9.45pm and then goes out again.I believe he goes to the terrace for walking.I do not have the stamina to join him after my office /home / studies. But if his mom is at home he doesn’t go to the terrace.he just lies down and reads newspaper. I agree.he is not a bad person.he does not have any bad habits. But he is in his own world.But we do not have eye contact or intimacy.this has not bothered him much.There are no conversation between us for long hours.tgis is the usual practise.but he expects me to spend time when he is vacation.i did .I was content that atleast during vacations he was with me. Once we r back he goes back to his routine.i have to wait for next vacation for him to be with me.there is no continuity in our relationship.its on and off.

It’s just that I’m frustrated .I’m longing and I’m tired.As you advised ,I think I should be busy with my routine and activities.

I have an awesome son.He keeps me busy.Without him I’m empty.