Just giving some ideas, today once he comes home , tired!

– understand if he is now better prepared for tomorrows meeting, could he finish the task today which he was attempting… in case he is perfectionist, he may be too relieved OR still less relieved, but after a days work, though anybody will be tired, but the sense of putting sincere effort, elates a person, and so i am sure somewhere he will be positive and bit relieved/relaxed on entering home!

– give him a smile when he enters home…

– if possible, massage his head OR anytime then OR late in night before sleep, massage his legs …
he might go for quick sleep, but I am sure he will have some good feeling for you, so keep hold of his hand!

– prepare some drink / stuff which he like to eat/drink, anything, need not be very effort intensive…

– in case both of you are quite when he comes in, just to break the ice and start a conversation,you can share your new place expectations and start with some professional topic

– share some plan from your side, when next time you may visit him, lets say you mention that you will try to come again in next 2 months (on high side), I believe, he might chip in and say some good words … like he may show his concern on these long gaps due to staying apart OR better still if he mentions of his own plan to visit your place !

-As he was single-handedly running the family, so he may be giving more importance to the JOB/WORK part, i am sure with you getting a permanent job he would be more relived on financial side, but as both of you were living apart earlier also, so might be he has developed a lifestyle of doing things single handedly… he might be staying untidy, still somethings he would be doing which are likable … may be caring for pets, being admirer of others, sensitive on few other things … feel good for that!