Reply To: Split: I dont know whats wrong!!!but something is amiss in our marriageā€¦



Tell me where in the universe it is writtern that a husband should devote time to his wife…? its just that u want him to spend time with u and not he should or he must or he has to. Read this line and try to understand it its a fact. The day u come to terms with facts and give up your self made philosophy or rules u will be happy. Its completely his choice the way he acts and it nowhere means that u are unlovable or he is bad or he is cheating on u or if u try what u want u will fail. So without being demanding just do and try to set up things the way u want and i have told u how to go about it in the last post. Now if u want u can keep on complaining and writing all his bad attitudes or u can choose to take an action to solve it.