Reply To: cant forget the person who doesnt love me



Hi Priyanka,
If you love someone you should love him wholeheartedly.
If we love someone just love him/her .. Thats it !
I repeat just love him.. Nothing more 🙂

Dont expect him to love you back…
The problem is not in loving someone ..
Problem starts when we start expecting..

Just love him and do whatever possible to make him happy..
Think of his happiness and do whatever possible.

If he doesn’t want you to do anything for his happiness ..that’s also possible.

That’s ok.. perfectly fine.

You love him and care for is good enough.

I know my advice sounds wierd.. but trust me .
That’s the only way to handle one-sided love.
Don’t make love a business..

You remember the song ..
Pyar ko pyar rahne no..Rishton ka ilzaam na do.


Take Care