Reply To: cant forget the person who doesnt love me



Priyanka where in the universe have u seen that when u love someone like crazy they have to or must show little care for u….?? Its just your own stupid irrational philosophy that u have made and that causes all ur emotional turmoil. Its just that u want him to show lil care and not he has to or he should. I would like to make u aware of one more thing that u want that is to be happy and live a satisfied life. That is the biggest preference that anybody can have. But the thing is that u falsely associate ur happiness with him. Though u might feel temporarily happy when he is around(like people after drinking cigrettee) but in the long run he has got nothing to do with ur happiness.End this philosophy and meet new eligible guys. If u continue with this nonsence u are much likely to not find anybody else or be satisfied or be happy. By saying this i dont mean to offend u but i want u to take the right action to a happy life.