Reply To: Depressed; even after 2 years of break up.



Dear Amin,
I understand your situation.
Some relationships do not materialize whatever you do. yours is one of them.
I really appreciate your feelings for her.You have rightly written that you felt that things will subside with time.But believe me my friend, there are few feelings which have no connection with time, distance, marital status….You will definitely remember her less but still you will have her memories.
SO NOW! when it is more than 2 years and you know that this relationship is over, why dont you just cherish the memories and also the pain! I might be sounding weird but it happens.
When we loose someone to God, this is exactly what we do.
Life moves one and let your feeling move on with you. The more you will TRY to get rid of them the more you will think of it.
Stop pitying yourself….. you had a beautiful relationship which could not materialise… but thats not the end of world…..
more things will are waiting for you… only you can reach out to them …no one can push you my friend…..
Enjoy Life! Cherish you memories ! and move ahead! Its beautiful!