Reply To: 5 years after break up



Hi Harsha, did you and your ex boyfriend break up on an angry note our in an unpleasant way? If not, then you don’t need to worry about “revenge”. Why would he want to take any kind of revenge when it was a mutual breakup? Maybe you’re worried now after 5 years because suddenly the incidents of indecent morphed pictures being posted online has rose tremendously and the media makes it worse by sensationalism. Its good to be aware of these risks but nothing is to be gained from worrying without reason. Was he the kind of person who would engage in such lewd activities or did he have friends like that? If not, I think you can relax. Just be careful in the future about having your pictures clicked because even an innocent picture can be photoshopped to something else. When it comes to safety, prevention is better than damage control. Go ahead live your life, it doesn’t seem like you’re at risk. All the best!