Reply To: I'm really depressed…need help,plzz



Hey santhosh its what most of all everybody does simply giving importance to someone in there life. What u hav done may be ur goodness r innocence of trusting people. When she don’t wants u in her life so u can’t force her to get marry with u. U should know how people change according with the time. You are a boy so don’t be depend on her. Everything u hav done just forget it as u have done to an animal which will not obey u. You are a men so u can live happily and independently without the concern or help of anyone. U did’nt lose anything instead she lost the real love that she will never get back in her life. Always hav one thing in ur mind everyone will come to u when they need something from u , u r the only one who can make ur life happy. If u live like tht every people who ignored u in the past , they will realise ur value. There is no exact meaning of future its depends on u how u will going to make it….